Kālu Miñā Collection of Texts in Sylhét Nāgri Script

This Collection comprises digital copies of a text of the Hālatunnabi, copied as part of the EAP071 Archiving texts in Sylhét Nāgri script project. The text has been copied from a photocopy of a printed volume. The photocopy is undated and written in Bengali, in the Sylhét Nāgri script. The Hālatunnabi narrates the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

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  • Hālatunnabi

    File Ref: EAP071/14/1
    The Hālatunnabi is a popular text in the Muslim community of the region of Āssām. According to the poet, the text in manuscript form was completed in 1262 Bengali Era (1853 CE). It narrates, in 'Payār' and 'Tripodi' verse, the story of creation and writes ...