"Selection of Records from the Office of the Secretary, Southern Provinces, Nigeria [1930s-1940s]"

This fonds contains digital surrogates of a selection of the Intelligence Reports and associated correspondence accumulated by the Office of the Secretary of the Southern Provinces in Nigeria in the course of its administrative business. The Intelligence Reports were prepared by District Officers or Assistant District Officers on the instruction of Provincial administrators ('Residents'), and were used to inform policy making and decisions about local administrative structures. The reports would circulate between the offices of the District Officers, the Resident and the Secretary for the Provinces, accumulating comments, memorandums and additional supporting material, and were ultimately retained by the Office of the Secretary. The three files selected for digitisation contain Intelligence Reports and supporting material about the Obowo and Ihitte Clans of Okigewe Division, Owerri Province, and the Ekwerazu and Ahiara Clans of Owerri Province.

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