Reserve Archives Collection [c 1895-1965]

Digital images of records created and accumulated by the Royal Bamum Palace since the late nineteenth and early twentieth century under the direction of Sultan Ibrahim Njoya (r. 1889-1933), Sultan Seidou Njimolouh (r. 1933-1992), and the current Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya (r. 1992-present). Materials range from c 1896-1965 and consist of writings on Bamum history, official records and correspondence of the Royal Palace of Bamum Kings, and a range of writings of artistic and scientific scope, such as calendars, maps, and manuals on medicine and love. Document bags and ephemera have also been photographed. The Reserve Archives collection is located in the office of late Sultan Seidou Njimolouh Njoya.

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  • Short history of Sakue, granddaughter of King Ngapna

    File Ref: EAP051/1/2/67
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 8cm x 12cm; Dates: Unknown; Script: Akauku Mfemfe script in pencil; Condition: Good; Comments: possibly referring to a letter written by Ngapna to Fifen ...
  • Charge of theft of money signed by King Njoya [26 Jan 1920]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/2/195
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 1; Measurements: 14.5cm x 17cm; Dates: 26 January 1920; Script: Akauku Mfemfe in pencil and blue pencil; Condition: Good; Comments: Includes a large signature of King Njoya, made like an official stamp, over the body of the letter ...
  • History of Kings and Queens following Nchare Yen and other stories [c 1907-1908]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/2/494
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 14cm x 17.5cm; Dates: ca. 1907-1908; Script: Bima and Lerewa in native black ink; Condition: Good; added to the original document are markings in the French language in pencil made at some point prior to the commencement ...
  • List of Bamum men sent to prison at Dschang [08 Apr 1905]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/2/959
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 24cm x 21cm; Dates: 1925; Script: Akauku Nyiet in purple ink, with numerals subsequently added in black ink; slight Arabic script; Condition: Fair (taped); added to the original document are markings made at some point pr ...