Modern Archives of the Archives du Palais des Rois Bamoun [c1896-1975]

This sub-fonds represents the materials housed as part of the Modern Archives of the Archives du Palais des Rois Bamoun. The following collections are contained within the Modern Archives: Nji Mapon Collection, Nji Ntuoyu Collection, Nji Nghouh Hamza Collection, Nji Ngoutane Collection, Nji Musa Collection, Gibril Aliyu Collection, Nji Ngaput Collection, Nji Yacouba Nchare Collection, Nji Mbouombouo Ousmanou Mantum Collection, Njibrum Ismaila of Njintut Collection, Njoya Ibrahimou Collection, Nji Mama Nsangou Oekekou Collection, and the Palace Collection. Materials range from c 1896-1975 and concern writings on Bamum history, official records, correspondence, journals, and papers on a variety of subjects.

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    File Ref: EAP051/1/1/13/116
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 1; Measurements: 8.7cm x 7cm; Dates Unknown; Script: Akauku Mfemfe and Arabic script; Condition: Poor; Comments: As is often the case, the Arabic numerals represented here at the “Eastern” Arabic numerals, as in the Qur'an, as opposed to ...