Njibrum Ismaila Collection [c1896-1930]

Digital images of records created and received by Njibrum Ismaila, a secretary to King Ibrahim Njoya. The records include correspondence with King Njoya, writings on King Njoya’s teachings, writings on Christianity, accounts of Bamum history, Shümom lexicon, and traditional Bamum calendars. The records have been dated c 1896-1930.
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  • List of names [early twentieth century]

    File Ref: EAP051/1/1/10/102
    Leaves: 1; Pages: 2; Measurements: 13.4cm x 10cm; Dates Early twentieth century; Script: Akauku Nyiet; Condition: Good; Comments: Further research on this document is necessary to understand its meaning. Note thatoil spilled on this collection in the 1980s ...