W.V.S. Tubman Personal Papers

The William V.S. Tubman Personal Papers record group is divided into four series: Personal Correspondence, Tubman Financial Records, Tubman Farm Records and Tubman Family Biography. The Personal Correspondence contains letters from family members and friends of Tubman, including an extensive set from his butler, Jimmy Barrolle, who handled many personal matters for Tubman. The documents in the Tubman Financial Records series are a sampling of the large collection of financial records found at the Tubman Estate. These records (mainly receipts) pertain specifically to Tubman's family and include groceries and clothing for the family, home repair costs and other documentation of general spending for a family. There are also a number of letters regarding personal business matters. The Tubman Farm Records pertain to farms and related facilities owned by the Tubman family, including the Totota Farm, Coo-Coo's Nest and the Tubman Zoo. The majority of these documents are financial records, but they also include reports and correspondence. The Tubman Family Biography contains notable documents from Tubman and his family members including college degrees, family court documents, news clippings and other memorabilia.
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