Amir Behzadi Collection of Iranian Photographs [c1880-1941]

This fonds consists of digital copies of photographs owned by Amir Behzadi, created as part of the EAP001 project 'Faces and Places in Iran: Iranian Photography at the Turn of the 20th Century'. A sample of his collection was digitised.

The collection consists of photographs taken in and around the city of Bam in the Iranian province of Kerman, during the Qajar and Pahlavi I periods [c1880-1941]. Amir Behzadi does not know the provenance, context or subjects of most of the collection, and so information presented here is necessarily incomplete.

The sample digitised by the project consists of 15 photographs, all individual or group portraits. The subjects include families, and groups of men in what appear to be official uniforms. The sample also includes four images of handwritten texts and ink stamps, which may be accompanying documentation to the photographs, or may be images of the backs of the photographs.