Parisa Damandan Collection of Iranian Photographs [1880s-1970s]

This fonds consists of digital copies of photographs held by Parisa Damandan, created as part of the project EAP001 Faces and Places in Iran: Iranian Photography at the Turn of the 20th Century.

The collection features material from a range of photographers, including Minas Patkerhanian Machertich, Amonallah Taighi, Thooni Johannes, Mirza Hasan Khan Shams, Mirza Mehdi Chereh-Nama, Ernst Hoeltzer, and other unidentified sources. The collection mainly consists of portrait photographs and group photographs, and includes photographs of Armenian immigrants which would have been attached to immigration documentation.

The photographs were taken from 1880-1970s, in Esfahan and in the New Jolfa area of Esfahan; the original prints were created from gelatin and glass plate negatives.