EAP Audio Collections

BL SoundsThe Endangered Archives Programme has also funded many projects to digitise audio collections. Whilst the project pages are integrated into this website alongside regular projects, the digitised material is only currently available through the BL Sounds platform, with the catalogue metadata searchable through the Sound and Moving Image catalogue. As new collections get added to BL Sounds we will update the list below.

In addition to the projects below, recordings from the EAP089 project 'Reconstruction of sound materials of endangered languages in the Russian Federation for sound archives in Saint Petersburg', are available via the Endangered Languages Archive

List of audio collections currently available on BL Sounds

EAP088The Golha radio programmes [Iran - 1296 recordings]

EAP115Endangered Micronesian recordings [Micronesia - 7069 recordings]

EAP187; EAP327; EAP608Syliphone record label collection [Guinea - 7767 recordings]

EAP190Young India record label collection [India - 1427 recordings]

EAP347Vanishing voices from the Uralic world [Russia - 6118 recordings]

EAP468Odeon record label collection [India - 1404 recordings]