خرده اوستا Khordeh Avesta (Little Avesta)خرده اوستا Khordeh Avesta (Little Avesta)

The manuscript has no cover; only the trace of a leather spine is left. An unknown number of folios are missing. The first existing folio has been entirely nibbled. The next thirty folios too have been nibbled so part of the text is gone, particularly the lower part. Moreover, there are signs of foxing. The papers are so fragile that when they are turned over little part of them is likely to break off. It seems that the thickness of the papers are not the same; some thicker than others. There is also residue of smoke on some pages, which indicates that the book was used during ceremonies. Furthermore, there are pencil doodles on a few pages. The scribe has used the margins of a few pages to add notes both in black and in red.