पतञ्जलि कृत महाभाष्य (हस्तलिखित २ )

The Mahābhāṣya ( literally great commentary), attributed to Patañjali, is a commentary on selected rules of Sanskrit grammar from Pāṇini's treatise, the Ashtadhyayi, as well as Kātyāyana's Varttika, an elaboration of Pāṇini's grammar. It is dated to the 2nd century BCE. Patañjali is one of the three most famous Sanskrit grammarians of ancient India, other two being Pāṇini and Kātyayana who preceded Patañjali (dated to c. 150 BCE). Kātyayana's work (nearly 1500 vārtikas on Pāṇini) is available only through references in Patañjali's work.

Custodial history: Raghunath Temple Library, Jammu. Operating continuously since Late 19th Century.

Owner(s) of original material: Dharmartha Trust, Jammu and Kashmir.