शब्द कल्पद्रुम चतुर्थ काण्ड भकारात् यकार पर्यन्तम्

Description Same as Item EAP886/1/20. Covers words from Devanagari Alphabet A to Ch.

EAP886/1/20 description: p>Shabda Kalpadruma, literally Wish Granting Tree of Words. a Mega-Dictionary commissioned by the Bengali King Radha Kant Bahadur composed in 1773 Saka Era (1851 CE ) in Calcutta. Volume 7. Covers words from Devanagari Letter Sa to Letter Ksha. Etymologies are attempted with examples in Sentences.

Custodial history: Raghunath Temple Library, Jammu. Operating continuously since Late 19th Century.

Owner(s) of original material: Dharmartha Trust, Jammu and Kashmir.

Alternative calendar and date: Saka Era, 1773.