पतञ्जलि कृत महाभाष्य (मुद्रित)

An 1855 Common Era Printed Text published from Varanasi. Edited by James Ballantyne (1813–1864) the Scottish Orientalist. The Text contains the First Nine Ahnikas(Chapters) of Mahābhāṣya of Patañjali which is the first extant prose commentary on the Terse and aphoristic Grammatical Work Ashtadhyayi.Also included are the two commentaries Pradeep by Vamana-Jayaditya and Udyot of Nagesh Bhatt. The Huge Size of the Text given its year of publication makes it very remarkable. The Text was the first attempt to bring Indian Linguistic Thought to Westerm Scholars.

Custodial history: Raghunath Temple Library, Jammu. Operating continuously since Late 19th Century.

Administrative context: Unknown.

Extent and format of original material: 1 Printed Text having 808 Pages.

Owner(s) of original material: Dharmartha Trust, Jammu and Kashmir.