Libro 39 Bautismos de Pardos y Morenos (Book 39 Baptisms of Brown and Black People)

This volume is incomplete and contains roughly half of the baptismal record entries for the years 1823-1826. This incomplete files contains records for 372 people. These individuals are identified by race (black, brown, mixed race, African) and often by African ethnic origin (congo, carabali, mandinga, mina, etc.). They are also listed as legitimate or illegitimate birth and whether their parents are enslaved or free. The designation of an eslaved mother would mean that the offspring was also born into slave status. Some of these baptisms were for adults, which would likely mean they were recently imported from Africa.

These books have been in the Church of Espiritu Santo since their creation. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Archibihopric of Havana.

One bound volume.