Libro 7 Bautismos de Pardos y Morenos (Book 7 Baptisms of Brown and Black People)

This bound volume contains information on baptisms of Pardos y Morenos (blacks and brown people) who attended the Church of Espiritu Santo during the years 1737-1747. Each entry is standardized and contains the names of the parents, when available, the person being baptised, godparents, the priest, and the person's owner, when applicable. Entries also contain place of birth, date of birth, whether enslave or free, geographic place of origin,subjective racial designation and other less standardized details on a case by case basis.

These books have been in the Church of Espiritu Santo since their creation. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Archibihopric of Havana.

One bound volume. The volume is composed of loose paper sheets that were subsequently bound together.