List of Parishes and Villages showing Udayarships, Vidanships, etc., with a note of Dutch Parish Churches, a return of other Christian Churches, Old Dutch Forts and Buildings. 1895

This 1895 manuscript file provides lists of administrative positions (village headman, udayars, and vidaiyars) for each village and parish in the Jaffna province, described as: "List of Villages showing the number of Headmen, Police Vidahns, Division Officers and Enquiries into sudden deaths with notes of Dutch Parish Churches". The manuscript also contains physical descriptions of churches. Several letters pertaining to late nineteenth-century Jaffna village administration and the distribution of church lands in Jaffna to the various missionary organizations are also glued into the front cover, including letters from Jaffna Government Agents Percival Ackland Dyke (1805-1867) and William Crofton Twynam (?-?), as well as Secretary of the ACM William Ware Howland (1817-1892), and Ceylon Colonial Secretary Philip Anstruther (1802-1893).