Proceedings of Meetings of Delegates of the three Tamil Missions 1838-1841

The manuscript is inaccurately titled. It consists of letters written by two successive secretaries of Foreign Correspondence for the ABCFM, Rufus Anderson (1796-1880) and Nathanial G. Clark (1825-?), addressed to the American Ceylon Mission between 1862 and 1879. These letters contain general information about the ABCFM's missions, more detailed information about missionaries attached to the ACM, acknowledgments of letters and documents sent by the ACM to Boston, and receipts for appropriations. ACM missionaries Samuel Fisk Green (1822-1884), E.P. Hastings (?-1890), William Howland (1817-1892), and Nathan Ward (1804-1860), among others, are mentioned. Note that many letters focus on the financial situation of the ABCFM and its funds for the ACM. The manuscript also includes several printed circular letters of the ABCFM. Physical characteristics of original material: Manuscript volume. 28 x 21 cm.