Spiritual verses (sammelband) // Духовные стихи (конволют) // Dukhovnye stikhi (konvoliut) [1910s-1930s]

Paper: Russian machine-made paper without labels and with a stamp, f. 28 (was not found in reference books). Writing style: Handwriting of the main part - half-uncial script, decoration of the handwritten part – headings and initials with colored inks. Spiritual verses – peoples' religious poetry spread in the Old Believer communities. Without a cover. Readers’ notes. Enclosure: fragment of church hymn in honor of the Trinity [троичен]. 8° (manuscript size – 178 mm х 111 mm). Enclosure – 2 f. (168 mm х 102 mm); 34 f. = f. 1-19 (handwritten text) + 20 (empty) + 21-26 (handwritten text) + 27-34 (typescript). 2 f. (enclousre); Condition: unsatisfactory. The manuscript was made in the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.