Extracts about heretics // Выписки о еретиках // Vypiski o eretikah [1920s-1940s]

Paper: Russian machine-made paper without labels. Writing style: half-uncial script. Decoration: headings and thin initials are written with red inks. Cyrillic numeric pagination (reader’s, starts from f. 9). The manuscript contains extracts from the essay against Arians by Athanasius of Alexandria, the Kormchaia Book [Book of the Pilot // Кормчая], Taktikon of Nikon of the Black Mountain, and the Apostle with Commentaries [Толковый Апостол]. Without a cover. Readers’ notes. 8° (manuscript size – 176 mm х 110 mm); 2 f; Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was made in the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.