Moral extracts // Выписки вероучительного характера // Vypiski verouchitel'nogo kharaktera [1920s-1940s]

Paper: Russian machine-made paper without labels. Writing style: half-uncial script. Cyrillic numeric pagination (reader’s; starts from “7”). Decoration: headings and thin initials with colored inks and red pencil. The manuscript contains statements from The Gospel, the Prolog [Synaxarion // Пролог], the Leimon [Spiritual Meadow // Лимонарий], “«Alfa and Omega» [Альфа и Омега] and essays of Christian writers (Gregory the Theologian, Isaac of Nineveh, John Chrysostom and Peter of Damascus, and others) about Christian faith and monastic life. Without a cover. Folios are compiled into a notebook and not sewn together. Readers’ notes. The manuscript consists of 3 unsewn notebooks. 8º (notebook #1– 179 mm х 113 mm; notebook #2 – 179 mm х 113 mm; notebook #3 - 174 mm х 110 mm); 24 f; Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was made in the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.