Collected monk rules // Сборник правил иноческих // Sbornik pravil inocheskikh [1920s-1940s]

Paper: sheets of a notebook. Writing style: half-uncial script by several hands. Cyrillic numeric pagination (scriber’s). Decoration: headings and thin initials with colored inks; pictures of the cross (f. 21). The manuscript contains extracts from The Philokalia Book [Добротолюбие], essays of Maximus the Confessor, Isaac of Nineveh, Gregory of Nyssa, Pope Peter I of Alexandria, and John Zonaras, Life of Macarius of Egypt, and Nilus of Sora on rules of monastic life and divine services. Without a cover. Readers’ notes. Enclosure: bibliographical references to The Old Testament and the anthology the “Chrysostom” [Златоуст]. 8º (manuscript size– 139 mm х 86 mm). Enclosure – 1 f. (76 mm х 75 mm); 30 f. 1 f. (enclosure); Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was made in the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.