The Troparion and Canon to the holy Icon of Our Lady of Kazan // Тропарь и канон Казанской иконе Богородицы // Tropar' i kanon Kazanskoi ikone Bogoroditsy [1840s-1850s]

Paper: Russian machine-made paper with a stamp of Prince N.Gagarin’s manufacture, Yaroslavl Governance, had been made in 1845-1846. [ref.: Клепиков С.А. Филиграни и штемпели на бумаге русского и иностранного производства XVII-XX вв. М., 1959. № 28].

Writing style: half-uncial script. Cyrillic numeric pagination (scriber’s). Decoration: headings and initials with vermillion; headpiece with floral ornament (f. 1); end-piece in the so-called style Playing Text [игра текстом] – triangle-shaped objects (f. 12).

The manuscript contains a prayer hymn for the holy Icon of Our Lady of Kazan. This icon is one of the highest statures within the Russian Orthodox Church, discovered in 1579 in the city of Kazan and considered wonder-working. Without a cover. Owner’s note and readers’ notes. 4º (manuscript size – 217 mm x 171 mm); 12 f; Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was acquired by the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga.