"Collected prayerful texts and descriptions of rituals (sammelband) // Сборник богослужебных, уставных и молитвенных текстов (конволют) // Sbornik bogosluzhebnykh, ustavnykh i molitvennykh tekstov (ko...

Paper: 1) Russian machine-made paper without labels (f. 1-7) 2) Russian machine-made paper with unidentified stamp (f. 8-35) (under impression print); 3) Russian handmade paper with filigree, space between chain lines – 250 mm, 11 laid lines within 10 mm (f. 36-82) (fragments of filigree are unidentified). Writing style: half-uncial script by several hands. Characteristics of the printed part – 13 lines per page, script: 10 lines = 73 mm. Cyrillic numeric pagination on f. 35-83 was made by Maksim Vasilievich Belosludtsev [Максим Васильевич Белослудцев], Vasiliy the monk [инок Василий], a resident of the Pilgrim’s skit located on the banks of the Iksa river in Bakcharsky District. He was arrested in 1933 and released after a few months. He settled in Tomsk-Chulym skits and died in 1945-1947.

Decoration: handwritten part has headings, initials and an end-piece – colored inks (partially painted over vermillion); headpieces with floral ornament (f. 1, 8); initials with floral ornament (f. 4, 5, 6, 8, 31, 32); schematic end-piece (f. 33); the printed part has one headpiece printed with letterpress printing process (f. 36). The sammelband contains an order of the baptism service with exhortations, prayers and rituals against defilement, “Skit Repentance” [Скитское покаяние] (text is used both as monks’ self-confession and as a repentance cell prayer), and liturgical instructions for monks and the laypeople. Binding: 19th century, wooden binding covered with leather with tooling, 2 clasps. Readers’ notes, bookmarks. Enclosures: 2 miniature pictures (colored pencils). There is an image of two birds on a tree growing in a pot, and the guardian angel with a gift inscription (1st quarter of the 20th century). Маnuscript-sammelband is compiled between 1933-1947 from 2 texts written in 1890s - 1900s and in the 2nd quarter of the 20th century, and from a fragment of the Old Believer edition of the 1st half of the 19th century.

8° (size of book block – 166 mm х 108 mm, binding size – 177 mm х 110 mm, binding height – 27 mm). Enclosures – 2 f. (175 mm х 116 mm); 84 f. – f. I + 1-33 (handwritten text, 1890-1900s) + 34-35 (handwritten text, 2 nd quarter of 20 th century) + 36-82 (printed text, 1st half of the 19th century). 2 f. (enclosures); Condition: satisfactory. The manuscript was composed in the community of Old believers-pilgrims living in the Tomsk-Chulym taiga. The manuscript has traces of old restoration.