3r-44v: Didactic work: Mäʿǝdan ([Spiritual] Instruction), in Amharic;45r-58v: Introduction to the Miracles of Mary (Tä’ammǝrä Maryam) and five miracles –last text not finished ;59v-68v: Anaphora of Mary by Kyriako’s of Behnesa – text not finished; 69r-76v: Marian prayer; 77r - 82v: Moses’ story and prayer. 88r-98v: protection prayer. Physical condition of originals: 99ff; approximately 12x7.5 cm Parchment, paper; black and red ink and industrial pink ink. Wooden cover. 99ff; approximately 120x75mm; Decoration; ink drawings: 1v-2r: Trinity; angel armed with sword; 83v drawing; 84r magic drawing; 84v cross; 85r – magic drawing; 85v Solomon; 86v magic drawing; 87r one-leg figure – a demon?. Condition: realtively good but ms well used.

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