Compendium of the life of the apostolic man Fr. Ignacio García of the Company of Jesus by Fr Manuel José Alvarez

Biography of Father Ignacio Garcia, belonging to the Company of Jesus, written by another member of the Order, father Manuel José Álvarez. Includes various aspects of his life and virtues, such as: his homeland, parents and birth; entry into the Company and transfer to the West Indies; his role as a minister of the Convictorio de San Javier in the city of Santiago; his appointment as Prefect of spirit of the Colegio Máximo of Santiago; his heroic faith; his charity for others; his humility and patience in the work; his rigorous mortification and rough penance; his high prayer, etc.

Book small in size (24 x 15 x 1 cm), with paper covers in pink colour. Bounded with thread and printed in Chile in 1865. It has sheets of white colour, with numbering; typed letter and legible.

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