"Life and Virtues of the Servant of God Father Ignacio García of the Society of Jesus, by Fr Francisco Javier Zevallos"

Corresponds to a biography of Father Ignacio García, belonging to the Society of Jesus, written by another member of the Order, father Francisco Javier Cevallos. Includes various aspects of his life and virtues, such as: his homeland, parents and birth; his passage to La Coruña to study grammar and the calling of God to the Religion; entrance to the Society and novitiate at Villa García; completion of the novitiate and major studies; his passage to Salamanca to study theology; ordained priest and obedience to God who calls him to the Indies; embark to Buenos Aires and then travel to Chile; allocation by the minister to the Convictorio of San Javier; reading of philosophy in the city of Santiago; temple of the sanctorium o beguinage of Santa Rosa; assignment as consultant of the Province; etc.

Small book (21 x 15 x 2,5 cm), with brown colored caps made of cardboard, paper and leather. Bound with thread. It has white sheets with numbering in some pages; handwriting and readable.

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