Vīrū Jaisī's loan deed with Gayālāl Rājbhaṇḍārī

Vīrū Jaisī takes loan from Gayālāl for doing business. Agrees to pay the loan with interest. If unable to do so within agreed time, will pay additional interest on daily-count basis.

Owner(s) of original material: Rita Rajbhandari, Rina Rajbhandari.

Author(s) of original material: Vīrū Jaisī, Ṣardār Gayālāl Rājbhaṇḍārī.

Scribe of original material: Vahīdār Bhīmārjun Pādhyā.

Alternative calendar and dates: Vikram; 1936 Āśvin Kṛṣṇa 5.

Physical characteristics: Nepali Paper; 1 folio, 20 cm X 17 cm; torn along folded part on the upper half.

Reference for the physical file at the Tīrthalāl Naghabhanī Archive: 143.