Gayālāl's loan deed with Bhājumacā and Ben Nārān Śreṣṭha

Ṣardār Gayālāl Rājbhaṇḍārī gives loan of 10 Rupees in silver coins each to the tillers Bhājumacā and Ben Nārān Śreṣṭha, residents of Twakabari, Gokarṇa. The two separate documents, the debtors have taken the loan to pay the harvest for Rāmanavamī Guthi. They agree to pay back the loan within a year in an agreed quantity of flattened rice. Each loan document bears names and signatures of two witnesses.

Owner(s) of original material: Rita Rajbhandari, Rina Rajbhandari.

Author(s) of original material: Ṣardār Gayālāl Rājbhaṇḍārī, Bhājumacā, Ben Nārān.

Scribe of original material: Unknown.

Publisher of original material: NA.

Editor of original material: NA.

Alternative calendar and dates: Vikram; 1948 Jeṣṭha Kṛṣṇa 4.

Physical characteristics: Nepali Paper, rolled;1 folio, 20 X 43 cm.

Reference for the physical file at the Tīrthalāl Naghabhanī Archive: 138.