Letter of the Jumla Gādī Mamāraṣ Tahasil Aḍā

Receipt issued on Thursday, 1944, Āṣāḍh Śukla 10, by the Jumla Gadi Tahasil Ada for Rupees 593, 10 Annas and 2 Paisa submitted by Captain Indramān Siṃ Basnyāt Kṣatrī of the Candananāth Kampanī through Ṣarīdār Gayā Lāl Rāj Bhaḍārī. The amount was the annual revenue for the year VS 1942, collected from government staff in Jumla: the army personnel of Chandannath Kampanī, and the staff at Jumla Court and Post office. Particulars are provided.

Owner(s) of original material: Rita Rajbhandari, Rina Rajbhandari.

Author(s) of original material: Śrī Jumla Gādī Tahasīl Aḍā.

Alternative calendar and dates: Vikram; 1944 Āṣāḍh Śukla 10.

Physical characteristics: Nepali paper, rolled; fol. 1, 23 cm X 66 cm.

Reference for the physical file at the Tīrthalāl Naghabhanī Archive: 151.