Common title Nangsa Odbum Early 19th century

A narrative thangka illustrating the story of Nangsa Odbum (this is the opinion of the team, but was not validated by the current owners) The thangka appears to be the same as in the 1910-13 photograph of the stone breaking ceremony by John Coldstream taken below the village of Seeling in Pin Valey (held in the British Library). Image (Melong) size 620 x 490 mm. Full mounted size 1050 x 860 mm. Age, perhaps 150 - 200 years old. Well used object with staining, fading and some holes and tears to the cloth. One Thangka.

The material is owned by Kungri Gompa. The two thangkas were presumably donated to the monastery. All the materials in the archive are kept within the Pema Lingpa temple at the monastery.

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