Gädlä äbunä Samuel emennä Wäldebba - Life of Saint Samuel from Wäldebba [1460-1499]

The book is generally in bad condition. The bookblock - folios and quires are held together by stab-stitching along the edges of the inner margins of all quires and single folios. All pages through all the manuscript are very dirty and brownish on all margins. The glass-like layer, as an effect of gelatinization process of the parchment, can also be observed. Large water stains on upper margin are visible. There are also losses of parchment base of most of the folios in the corners, at the spine and in the outer margin. Especially large losses are present on folios 94, 109, 124, 173, 174. The binding - provisional covers made of thick light leather and spine of leather in red colour, attached to the bookblock.