No title [1770-1838]

Description: In this protocol are consigned several notarial records, including testimonies of land titles, wills, deeds of obligation, permissions to celebrate Mass sacrifices and inventory testimonies from Hacienda Calentura. Stand three permits to celebrate sacrifices of masses written in Latin in 1768, as well as the will of José Fernando Mier y Guerra. Physical condition of original material: Hard cardboard cover coated on red marbled adhesive paper. It consists in 184 leaves and 8 notary edicts 90% of the book is in good condition. The record is signed by Juan Bautista Tres Palacios Mier, sheriff, and Bernardo de la Torre, Attorney General trustee. (The book is located in the box n ° 5 (IV), Book 2). Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.