Archivo Histórico de Mompos. Tomo IV. Protocolos Siglos XVIII-XIX. Notarí Unica de Mompos [1770-1838]. Part 1

Description: In this protocol are consigned several notarial records, including testimonials from land sales deeds, baptism certificates, registers of deeds and wills. Draw attention the registration of permission to populate the lands of Manga Pinion, as well as the registration of some deaths slave belonging to Marques de Torre Hoyos. likewise, the book contains an edict on behalf of Joseph de Mier y Guerra, the oldest ruler of Mompox town. Physical condition of original material: Hard cardboard cover coated on brown color adhesive paper emulating wood texture. Has 334 sheets. 60% of the book is in good condition. The record is signed by Pedro Berrueco Samaniego, Mayor. (In the back there is a label attached with black letters that says Mompox Historical Archives Volume IV, XVIII and XIX centuries Protocols, Single Notary Mompox.) (The book is located in the box n ° 5 (IV). Physical extent of original material: 1 volume, manuscript.