Public Education: correspondence, 1886

The book contains correspondence from Paraíba's Public Education office (Instrução Publica), the National Guard, and Consular officials (Corpo Consular) in 1886, registered according to the duties of Public Education Secretary (Secretário da Instrução Pública), P. Costa Junior, and other authorities. The first part of the book refers to the Public Education office, and includes: ordinances, payroll, bonuses, appointment of literature, history, geometry, and other teachers; and distribution of posts among the commissariat. The second part of the book refers to the National Guard, and includes information on qualifications and distribution of the National Guard personnel. The third and last part of the book refers to Consuls, Vice Consuls, and other consular officials of foreign nations, such as Portugal and Great Britain, regarding appointments, retirements, and personnel distribution.

Created by the Public Education Board of Directors.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 244 folios. Manuscript book with no cover. Severely damaged by insects and iron gall ink. Folios are yellowing.

Creator (Author): Secretário da Instrução Pública, P. Costa Junior e as demais autoridades relacionadas a Guarda Nacional e ao Corpo Consular.