Letters and Notices to the King and the Secretary of State, 1798-1807

Bound manuscript volume. The volume registers letters and official letters (ofícios) sent to and produced by the governors of Paraiba, Fernando Delgado Freire de Castilho and Amaro Joaquim Rapozo de Albuquerque, between 1798 and 1807. Details the low salaries paid by Pernambuco to regiments stationed in the captaincy; appointments to military offices; the inspection of the brigantine Lebre; the inhabitants of Paraíba passing without a license to Pernambuco (1798); the annexation of Paraiba to Pernambuco; income and expenditures of the royal treasury in 1798; the arrival of the lieutenant of the Engineering Corps (Corpo de Engenheiro), João José Valerio, to plumb the captaincy’s coast (1799); the sending of maps from regular troops and militias in the captaincy; maps (mapas gerais) referring to imports and exports in the year 1805; use of the charrua Princesa da Beira to ship timber to the Armada Real (1807); description of the conditions in four Indian villages in the captaincy of Paraíba, the dízimos (tenths) paid and the duties of the directors of Indians (diretores de índios); inoculating black and Indian children against smallpox; and reports on the progress of “civilization” among indigenous populations, detailing their occupations, villages, and economic activities.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 299 folios, in addition to front and back covers. The volume is numbered through folio 297. . Manuscript book; contains non-original cover and binding that jeopardize readability; folios damaged by insects and iron gall ink.

Creator (Author): Paraíba governors: Fernando Delgado Freire de Castilho , and Amaro Joaquim Rapozo de Albuquerque.