Correspondence, Navy and Overseas Archive, 1794

Bound manuscript volume. The volume registers letters, official letters (ofícios), and proclamations (bandos) sent to and produced by the governors of Paraiba, Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro and Fernando Delgado Freire de Castilho, between 1794 and 1798. Reports on the Terço dos Pardos, a military unit in the Captaincy of Paraiba (1794); the representation (representação) of sugar-mill estate (engenho) owners and the difficulties that they face owing to a lack of African slaves; logging; declaration (informação) that forests and woodlands on the coast and bordering rivers are royal property and a royal entreaty (solicitação) seeking the return to the Crown of land grants (sesmarias) conceded in the aforementioned locations; the obligation of propertyowners to conserve woodlands; the danger posed to the local economy by the shipment of foodstuffs to Pernambuco; the droughts that occurred between 1791 and 1793, causing the death of cattle and slaves; and the donation of sesmarias in Paraíba (1798).

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume of 54 folios, in addition to front and back covers. Manuscript book; contains non-original cover; folios damaged by insects and iron gall ink.

Creator (Author): Paraíba's captain-mayor, Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro; Paraíba's governor, Fernando Delgado Freire de Castilho.