Correspondence, Navy and Overseas Archive, 1757

Bound mansucript volume. The volume registers letters, official letters (ofícios), and provisions (provisões) sent to and produced by the governor of Paraíba, Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro, between 1757 and 1792. Contains a letter from Luiz Diogo Lobo to municipal council officials of the city of Paraíba regarding sending sargento mor José Henriques da Carvalho to govern the captaincy in the absence of the governor (1757); ofício of Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro communicating his occupancy of the governorship of Paraíba (1764); the jurisdiction of the governor; dismissal of Antonio Soares de Barbosa as vicar of the city of Paraíba and the disturbances caused by fathers Bartolomeu and Antonio Bandeira de Mello (1767); geographical information about the Bahia da Traição; the government of Francisco de Arruda Câmara, capitão-mor of the Vila de Pombal; shipment of leaves of the cravatá plant to make cordage; the difficulties the captaincy experienced and the necessity of aid, such as the purchase of manioc flour.

Extent and format of original material: 1 volume with 54 folios, in addition to front and back covers. Manuscript book; contains non-original cover; folios damaged by insects and iron gall ink.

Creator (Author): King (Portugal); Jerônimo José de Mello e Castro, Paraíba's captain-mayor.