Book of Deaths of the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, São João do Cariri (1891-1892) / Livro de Óbito da Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres – São João do Cariri 1891 a 1892

This volume holds death records from 1891 to 1892 of free, white men, women, and adolescents. Some of the deceased had been registered at birth as legitimate, others illegitimate. The deceased hailed from the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres and elsewhere. Some were buried in white habits, with or without Church sacrament. Burials took place at the main church, Cemitério do Batalhão, Cemitério de Timbauba, Cemitério da Villa, Cemitério de Serra Branca, and elsewhere. Sacraments administered by Vicar Alipio Emiliano Cordeiro da Costa.

Extent and format of original material: 1 handwritten volume with 192 folios, including the cover and inside cover. Bound, restored, incomplete volume of handwritten records. Hardcover (not original cover). Pages are numbered up to folio 198. Beginning pages are missing.

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