Book 10: Baptisms (1858-1862) / Livro 10 De 1858 a 1862 Batismo

The volume contains baptismal records from 1858 to 1862 of children who were free, freed, and freed at baptism. Children are listed as white, black, "pardo/a," mulatto, or "crioulo/a". Children were registered as legitimate or illegitimate. Parents were enslaved or free and were from the parish of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres and elsewhere. The volume also contains baptisms of children abandoned at private houses and at the main church of Nossa Senhora dos Milagres. Godparents were enslaved and free. Baptisms took place at the main church, in Ágoa Doce, at the Capela das Pombas, at the Capela do Monteiro, at the Capela Carauba, at the Capela Santa Clara, at the Fazenda Serra Branca, at the Fazenda Carnauba, and at the Fazenda São José. Sacraments were administered by Father Bernardo José Gonsalves, Father Francisco Ananias de Feris Castro, Father Manoel Francisco de Souza, and Father Alipio Emiliano Cordeiro da Cunha. Signed by Vicar José de Souza Magalhães.

Extent and format of original material: 1 handwritten volume with 206 folios, including the cover and inside cover . Bound, damaged document containing handwritten records. Cloth binding. Pages are numbered up to folio 202. The number 48 is repeated across two pages. Pages are out of order after 104.

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