Book 3: Baptisms (1773-1787) / Livro n. 3 Batizados de 1773-1787

Volume holds baptismal records from 1773 to 1787 of free and Indian children considered white, black, "parda", mulatto, "cabra", "mameluca", mixed, "curiboca", and black; children considered legitimate or illegitimate; children of free and freed parents from the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, Recife/Pernambuco, Ceará, gentio da Guiné, and others, along with Indians from the Vila de Cimbres and from Ceará. Volume contains baptismal records of children (considered black, "mameluca", and mixed) abandoned at private houses. Godparents are free and freed. Baptisms took place in the main church, the chapels of São José das Pombas, at the Fazenda da Carrapateira, at the Fazenda Badalo, and at the Fazenda da Lagoa. Sacraments administered by Father Antonio Rodrigues Pires, Father Sylvestre de Sam José (Carmelite), Father Francisco Ordonho, Father Joaquim da Cunha Porto, Father Francisco das Chagas (Franciscan) and others. Father Cypriano José da Camara Gondim was curate and vicar.

Extent and format of original material: 1 handwritten volume with 128 pages, including the cover and inside cover . Bound, restored, incomplete volume of handwritten documents. Volume has a hard cover that is not original. The volume starts at folio 27 and is numbered to folio 146.