Book of Baptisms [of the] Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, Cariri (1765-1771) / Livro de Batismos [da] Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, Cariri de Fora 1765-1771

The volume holds baptismal records from 1765 to 1771 of free, freed, and Indian children, considered white, "parda", "cabra", "mameluca", mixed, and black. There are records of Indians from the Vila de Cimbres and from the Rio São Francisco. Records refer to births considered legitimate or illegitimate. Parents were free and freed and were from the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres. The volume also includes baptisms of abandoned children, left at private homes. Godparents were free. Baptisms took place at the main church and in the chapels of São José das Pombas and Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Cabaceiras. Sacraments conferred by Father Antonio de Jesus Maria (devout of the reform of Nossa Senhora do Carmo), Father Noberto de Jesus Maria (Franciscan), Father Mathias da Graça (devout of the reform of Nossa Senhora do Carmo) and others. Records signed by Antonio Rodrigues Pires, curate and vicar.

Extent and format of original material: 1 handwritten volume with 105 folios, including cover and inside cover. Bound volume of handwritten documents, restored with the use of a film which makes the reading of the original quite difficult. It has a hard cover that is not the original cover.

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