Book 1: Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths (1752-1808) / Livro 1 Batizados, casamengtos e óbitos anos de 1752 a 1808

The volume contains baptismal records from 1762 to 1778 (along with one additional record from 1815), marriage records from 1752 to 1800, and death records from 1752 to 1808. It contains baptismal records for: enslaved and freed children; children considered black, mixed, mulatto, "curiboça", "parda", and "cabra"; children categorized as legitimate or illegitimate; children of enslaved and freed parents; children from the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres and Africans from the gentio de Guine; and of an African from Arda. Some godparents were free, others were enslaved. Marriage records refer to free and enslaved men and women; from the parish and from elsewhere; black, Indian (Cavalcantes Nation), and African from the Coast of Mina, Guiné, and Angola. Death records register the deaths of free, freed, and enslaved children and adults considered black, "parda", and "cabra", from the parish, from the "gentio da Guiné", and from Angola. Burials took place in the main church and in the following chapels: do Glorioso São José, de Nossa Senhora de Santa Anna, de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, and de São José das Pombas. Sacraments were administered by Father Domingos de Faria, Friar José de Santa Theresa de Jesus, Friar Mathias da Graça (Carmelite), and Friar João Baptista de Ferreira (Capuchin missionary). Curates and vicars of the Freguesia de Nossa Senhora dos Milagres were: Father Antonio Rodriges Pires, Joaquim José de Veras, Veríssimo Machado, and Cypriano José da Camara Gondim.

Extent and format of original material: 1 handwritten volume with 143 folios, cover, and inside cover. Bound volume with paper cover and handwritten pages. Volume is damaged, missing the first and second pages. The final pages and the back cover are stuck together. Both insect and iron-based ink have damaged the individual pages.