Kitab al-Awrad

Prayers to ward off various illnesses and other calamities. On title page there is a note in English: "This Kitab Awrad was written by Baba Ounus Saldin, bin Kapitan Saldin, July 1904. Some of the material is in Gundal script.

Physical characteristics of original material: Black cloth cover. Red and black ink used. Some notes in pencil. Dimensions: L 15 W 11 H 0.6. Note saying it was restitched and bound on 13 May 1954. Extent and format of original material: manuscript, 136 folios. Custodial history: The book belonged to Muhamed Muinaldeen (son of B.O. Saldin). There is a signature and date 5 August 1923. Translated into English by N.D. Carim of Wellawatte, 9 Feb 1946 (four pages in Carim’s handwriting found at the end, including a few notes in Tamil). Mrs Musafer received the book from her mother – Jamila Amith – who possibly got it from her grand-uncle. Originally belonged to her grandmother Tuan Safiya Akbar (B.O. Saldin’s daughter) and then to her (Mrs Musafer’s) mother, Jamila. Owner of original material: Narome Musafer.

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