The story of Zukyi Nyima.༄། །བྲམ་ཟེ་གཟུགས་ཀྱི་ཉི་མའི་རྣམ་ཐར་བཞུགས་སོ།། (Wylie bram ze gzugs kyi nyi ma'i rnam thar bzhugs so) [Mid 19th century]

A traditional handwritten, undecorated and unbound Tibetan book (pecha), telling the story of Zukyi Nyima. Written in Tibetan Uchen script on separate sheets of paper.Like many Buchen texts, this is an edifying biographical /hagiographical story (namthar) used to illustrate and explain essential Buddhist ideas of karma and impermanence. It is in generally good condition. Size 370 x 100mm.