Genzät - Funeral Ritual [ca. 1600] Funeral Ritual [ca. 1600]

MS NO. 55 242f. Burial ritual The bookblock- very deformed and dirty on all surface of parchment folios. There are a large losses of parchment in corners caused probably by rodents. There are cracks and losses of parchment in many folds of bifolios. All folios are yellowish, very brittle and shrunk. The glass-like layer, as an effect of gelatinization process of the parchment on all margins, can be clearly observed. The sewing is very loose, weak and broke in many places. The binding- There is a lack of the leather on the spine and on the surface of covers, near the back of the book. Some smaller losses in the corners and edges of the boards are visible. The leather is dusty and its surface is scratched and partly worn away.