Gädlä Gäbrä Mänfäs Qeddus - The Life of Gäbrä Mänfäs Qeddus [20th century]

MS NO. 14 60f. Life of Gäbrä Mänfäs Qeddus The book is generally in bad condition. The bookblock- the parchment folios are very deformed and dirty on the lower and outer margins. Additionally the edges of all folios are yellowish and brittle, mainly as an effect of high air temperature. The glass-like layer, as an effect of gelatinization process of the parchment, can also be observed. The binding- The sewing is completely broken and temporary repaired with use of fragments of cord. The bare wooden boards are deformed and broken in several places. The upper board, broken in the middle, is repaired by tying it in three places with the use of the cord.