Goodwin's Abstracts - Letters from England [1673-1707]

An edited collection of laws, ordinances and constitutional documents for the colony of St Helena, 1673-1707. An introductory page states that it is 'an abstract of the Rt Honorable Company's Laws, Ordinances and Consitutions out of their large instructions from time to time for the good governance of the island, and administration of justice to the inhabitants thereof'. Extent of original: 1 bound volume. Physical characteristics of original: 380 x 260 x 30mm; 63 pages; black cover, cloth on board; hollow back binding; gold lettering on spine, 'Goodwins Abstract Letters from England 1673-1707'. Original documents pasted onto the text block. Author: East India Company, Court of Directors. Editor: Thomas Goodwin, Acting Governor of St Helena, 1707-1708.