No. 5 Lorica -Bautismos 1889-1890 [1889-1890]

The book is divided into several sections. The first, from page 1 to 25, includes accounting and baptismal records. From 265 to 322, we find baptismal records. The book begins with a typewritten notarial document from 1970 confirming the baptism of Andrés Burgos Páez. In this section, Father Alfredo Vigeant M. signs the records. Father Isaías Pescitelli signs the next section of the book, from page 26 to 168 and record 323 to 746. Among the surnames that appear in the document are: Ballestero, Cogollos, Hernández, García, Quintero, Luna, Martínez, Ortega, Anaya, and Mendoza.

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