Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1845. Tomo Unico [1845]

The protocolo is divided into two books, with two different sets of numbering. At the beginning of the first book there is an index that provides information about the organization and content of approximately 114 notarial records. Mr. Pio Robles is listed as notary. The second book begins after folio 271. From there the numbering restarts while indexing is lost. This book contains property transfers, wills, and sales, among others. It contains 73 folios; however, damage to them precludes any establishment of the approximate number of processes. Some items of interest in this protocolo are the sale of a schooner by Antonio Cano to Juan Renado and the sale of a house and a lot by Esteban Freyle and Joaquina Vargas to Juana Josefa Fuentes. It also contains documents referring to bail bonds, the manumission of Felipa Romero, and powers granted to Sharbad Sherman by Gabriel Pinedo and to Jacob Abraham Jeserum by Juan Rosareo. Also of note is the complaint by Mr. Henrique Jachson for damage suffered on the ship under his command "Elisabeth".