Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1886-1887. Tomo Unico [1886-1887]

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This protocolo contains notarial and judicial processes for the years 1886 and 1887. Rafael de Armas appears as judge and Juan José Brugés Escala as notary. This book contains: notarization of documents (transfer of a deed to a house between Juana Danies de Christoffel and Isabel Danies de Christoffel; testimony of witnesses at an estate trial), special powers (Juan Weeber pays Luis Robles for property damage due to fire in the city of Colon), general powers, home sales, sale of plots, sales of rooms, several bond sales, debt, various sales and wills. Names that repeat throughout the document are: Juana Danies de Christoffel and Isabel Danies de Christoffel, Juan Weeber, José Gnecco Carazo, Juan Gómez Daza, Vicente Arregoces y Mamerta Gil. It is worth mentioning that most processes in these two years are made by record title to real estate.

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